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How to Become President of the United States

The Airline Industry And The Challenges Tourism Essay Example The Airline Industry And The Challenges Tourism Essay The Airline Industry And The Challenges Tourism Essay Presentation Today, the commitment of Middle Eastern air hoses in extra-territorial tasks fluctuates, yet is as of now similarly high. Emirates is offering 82 % of its place limit on extra-territorial administrations. Generally other of import bearers from the part like Etihad Airways ( 74 % ) , Qatar Airways ( 66 % ) and Gulf Air ( 54 % ) other than work the greater part of their seats on extra-provincial flights ( AEA, 2006 ) . Air France ( 26 % ) and Lufthansa ( 23 % ) show that the segment of abundance territorial proposal for European web bearers is well less, bespeaking that these bearers have more grounded residential markets. It has other than anticipated the accompanying for its financial twelvemonth attitude. Qatar Airways focuses on 40 % jump in grosss, says CEO Akbar Al Baker. Challenging the planetary financial downswing, Qatar Airways is envisioning to enter a 40 percent expansion in its grosss in its present monetary twelvemonth stoping March 31, 2011 in the course of the last twelvemonth, orchestrating to the Doha-based air hose s fundamental official. We are pointing a 40 percent expansion in grosss for this twelvemonth, which is to some degree over the expansion noticeable all around hose s limit of around 30 percent. Qatar has other than thought of parity offering Mix to as to change from adversary of Emirates to boss member noticeable all around hose industry in the Gulf part. The Airline Industry and The Challenges The business air power industry has been described by a cyclic nature since its root. During times of financial success, rider traffic request develops and air hoses look to add ability to run into that request. On the other hand, during financial downswings, air hoses react to diminished travel request through call offing flights, securing or selling airplane and all around wilting limit. By 2005, another moving edge of reckless abundance was knowledgeable about the air hose industry, and airplane orders soar fourfold, twelvemonth over-year, to record degrees of in excess of 2000 units, split sensibly similarly among Airbus and Boeing. ( See Fig. 1. ) A plentiful piece of airplane buying began with air hoses situated in the Gulf Region. Traffic developing in that piece of the universe was solid, and bearers like Emirates, Etihad and Qatar started puting large airplane orders, habitually in duals of need to feel superior at arranged aviation expos, for example, Paris, Farnborough and Dubai. The air hose industry has been beset in the ongoing occasions by financial downswing, soaring fuel costs, saw hazard of fear based oppressor act, the conceivable ejection of the winged creature grippe infection and solid protection premiums the worldwide air hose industry faces an uncertain, deregulating that has hit major industrialized state air hoses and questioning future. North America is second biggest of the four sections analyzed, with 2827 requests, yet with more than 80 % of these requests being set for thin body hardware ( all things considered 100-200 seats ) , the vast majority of which are bound to fall in the armadas of LCC air hoses in the United States, Canada and Mexico. Europe is the third biggest part, at more than 2600 requests, other than by and large weighted devoted to limit body buys ( 70 % ) , again to a major degree requested to expand the armadas of turning LCCs, for example, EasyJet and Ryanair. The Middle East is the fourth biggest part inspected, and ho wever airplane orders figure only more than 400, a cardinal separation from different parts is that more than 60 % of these requests are for twin-path widebody ( 200-400 seats ) and Very Large Aircraft ( more prominent than 400 seats, for example, the Airbus A380 ) , as appeared in Fig. 2. Fig. 1. Airplane requests of Gulf States: 1995-2007. Starting:, Fig. 3. Airbus A380 orders by part. Starting: Airline Monitor, November 2007. Circumstance examination Organization examination Qatar Airways is the national air hose organization of Qatar which one of the quickest turning air hoses known to mankind. Since its re-dispatch in 1997, Qatar Airways has accomplished astounding developing in armada size and rider Numberss. From only four airplane in 1997, the air hose developed to an armada size of 28 airplane by the terminal of 2003 and a milepost 50 by October 2006. Today, the air hose works 68 Boeing and Airbus airplane. By 2013, the armada size will about copy to 110 airplane. Qatar Airways directly has in excess of 200 airplane on hand worth over US $ 40 billion for bringing over the accompanying hardly any mature ages ( ) . Directly, Qatar Airways has an armada of 87 airplane working 92 finishs around the world. The organization utilizes in excess of 15,000 workers across Far East, Middle East, Central Asia, Europe, the Africa, North America, South America and Oceania. Qatar Airways vision is to placed in and keep, a turning armada of youthful and present day airplane winging to recognize concern and recreation finishs around the world. Moreover, organization s crucial wellbeing first , customer centered , socially mindful and monetarily solid . Besides Qatar Airways set up its end which is to be a universe s top planes organization. Opponents Katar is deliberately situated in the Gulf States. It has gotten one of the worry center and way station. Its air hose industry, has gone under expanding rivalry from adversaries, for example, Emirates, Etihad, Bahrain air hoses. Carriers in the Middle East by and by represent only 9 % of long draw limit around the world, yet are answerable for roughly 25 % of throughout the entire planetary take airplane bringings over the accompanying decennary ( Flanagan, 2006 ) . Dubai-based Emirates Airlines is the biggest buyer, with around 70 % of throughout the entire new take airplane orders in the Middle East the air hose is be aftering to more than copy its all-wide natural structure armada limit by 2012 ( Flanagan, 2006 ) . When every one of these airplanes are in use, Emirates Airlines will be the universe s biggest long stretch carrier. Other air hoses in the part with adequate expansive natural structure airplane orders incorporate Qatar Airways with a request book of around 140 widebody airplane and Etihad Airways with roughly 20 airplanes pending bringing. While airplane requests of Gulf bearers speak to existent armada amplifications, airplane orders put by occupant bearers are mostly used to supplant bing l imit ( Fig. 1 ) . Generally speaking, airplane orders by Middle Eastern bearers are esteemed at 40 billion USD ( list money related qualities ) . In the middle of Eastern bearers are developing their developing plan on widebody airplane that offer extended degree, upgraded rider comfort, and improved working financial sciences. These airplanes will help Middle Eastern bearers to palliate the possible on-going opening shortages and blockage occupations experienced at certain airdromes. New-age airplane are cardinal to the improvement of long stretch center points in the Middle East, leting the bearers to remain competitory by keeping up unit costs low ( OConnell, 2006 ) . Qatar aviation routes only like other air hoses in the Gulf States is bit of the specialists plan to broaden its gross base, financial frameworks, corporate greed, touristry and planetary movement significance. The air hose has a rich statement of purpose which is Excellence in all that we do. Blending to an investigation completed by Pearce and David ( 1987 ) to break down the mission substance of air hose organizations, the mission, it indicated that Qatar s statement of purpose is truly outstanding known to mankind. Among 9 focuses, it has 6 focuses. Armada development projects of Middle Eastern bearers ( as March 2008 ) . Source Journal of Transport Geography 18 ( 2008 ) 388-394 Confederates ( overall mates, codeshare ) Code sharing or codeshare is an air power concern term for the example of various air hoses selling endless on similar flights, where a spot can be bought on one air hose however is truly worked by a teaming up air hose under an alternate flight figure or codification. The term codification alludes to the identifier utilized in flight plan, overall the 2-character IATA air hose designator codification and flight figure. Qatar Airways is pleased to be codeshare mates with a portion of the universe s chief air hoses such Nippon Airways, Asiana Airlines, BMI, Lufthansa, Malaysia Airlines, Philippine Airlines, US Airways and United Airlines which showed as Star Alliance. ( ) Atmosphere Large scale condition ( PESTLE investigation ) PESTLE Analysis which is an abbreviation of Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal, is an apparatus that guides association brand conspires by helping them to comprehend the outer condition in which they work now and in the nearby from now on. The following is an organized External examination where Qatar aircraft works. Political Taking a gander at both the interest and the gracefully side of Middle Eastern air power developing, it turns out to be certain that the improvement has both an interest and a flexibly side float to it. The ascent of bearers from the part has gotten conceivable because of the general expansion sought after for air travel. Also, traffic has just been occupied from the set up bearers. Be that as it may, there is other than another side to the developing technique: Induced interest . This is a direct result of political stableness in the Gulf part non simply in Qatar. Monetary Residential interest profits by the geology of the Gulf states, which favors going via air for intra-provincial transport. Moreover, a high for every capita pay that is as yet expanding quickly, offers a base for a solid air power industry. In any case, there are financial limitations, confining both local recreation and concern travel intensity. Furthermore, riches is unevenly dispersed, with an expected extent of 20 % to 45 % of the populace life underneath the poverty line ( AEA, 2006 ) . The United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Qatar have a co

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Prayer in Islam Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Petition in Islam - Research Paper Example Supplication is that profound correspondence to God or an article that is being adored, it is making an appeal to God, an object of love or a divine being. Supplication has various implications and practices the world over where there is the utilization of stances like bowing, strolling and bowing the head which is viewed as a method of demonstrating dedication. In certain spots petition includes requesting absolution, acclaim and love and thanks giving. A few religions have a certain or standard method of asking, for instance, the Lord’s Prayer which is regularly said by a gathering of admirers. Islam depends on the five columns which are the establishment of the Islamic life. The primary column is the I-man or confidence where Muslims have faith in the unity of Allah and that Muhammad is his delivery person. This revelation or Shahada is the accept that serving and obeying Allah is the main reason one has throughout their life and this is typically accomplished through the lessons and practices of Prophet Muhammad. Petition is the second column which includes proclaiming a declaration of confidence. Petition in Muslim apparently is significant since it is a method of adoring and building up a cozy relationship with Allah who is the maker. It is viewed as method of affirmation ones shortcoming and need to request Devine effortlessness, absolution, kindness and plenitude which is accepted to hold any importance with each Muslim. Petition in Islam is alluded to as Salat and is accepted to have been made a required commitment by Allah for each Muslim to tail it according to the Hadith where Prophet Muhammad was solicited, â€Å"which of the activities is best?† ... ayer is likewise accepted to have the option to keep one from all improper or corrupt deeds and reinforces the relationship and bond between Muslims, that obligation of solidarity and love. Supplication breaks all distinctions that exist among Muslims on the grounds that each individual asks simultaneously, confronting a similar heading and this can likewise be seen when all Muslims assemble in Mosques to implore and tune in to lessons. Supplication includes certain body development while presenting entries of the Quran and comprises of characterized developments and recitations of sections of the Quran. For the Muslim people group petitions should be possible in wherever that is viewed as perfect; notwithstanding, it is accepted that supplications done from a mosque will bring multiple times more gifts. Muslims accept that when one starts a supplication meeting, they ought not stop until they are through however there is a special case, for instance, in a circumstance where a lady s ees her kid in harm's way, she can spare her youngster while presenting the petition according to the lessons of the Quran [2:239] Under bizarre conditions, one may implore while strolling or in any event, riding. When one is sheltered, one will remember God as He encouraged them what they never knew.  There are a few pre-requirements to make a supplication legitimate which incorporate; the petition time where supplications must be during the particular times. Mosques typically help the assemblage note the supplication time through the Adan or call to petition which means; God is the best (x 3) I affirm that there is nobody deserving of love aside from God (x2) I affirm that Prophet Muhammad is the errand person of God (x2) Come for supplication (x2) Come for progress (x2) God is the best (x2) there is nobody deserving of love with the exception of God. Pre-imperatives in making a supplication legitimate likewise incorporate the sanitization ceremonies or Taharah

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Successes and Failures of Signals Intelligence Essay Example For Students

Victories and Failures of Signals Intelligence Essay 3 SEP 2002SUCCESSES AND FAILURES OF SIGNALS INTELLIGENCEThe United States must be set up to send against refined and unsophisticated foes on a minutes notice. The foe may have little worry for the Hague Convention, which look to constrain blow-back and noncombatant losses. Signal Intelligence gives remote information that experts can gather, process and investigate into knowledge data. Whoever can control and adventure the electromagnetic range, which ranges from zero to endlessness, will know their adversaries vulnerabilities, make openings, accomplish strategic amazement, and result in mission achievement. Contemplations, for example, fruitful and ineffective assortment in Signal Intelligence will be a gigantic factor in arranging and the execution of U.S. military activities. There are various records of the effective social occasion of Signal Intelligence that end up being useful. The quick progressions in microelectronic innovation powers the administration to structure and asse mbling complex new radars, airborne observation, and reconnaissance stages; they offer better abilities over recently utilized frameworks. Having licensed frameworks and systems, as per Department of Defense direction, will guarantee that units are inside guidelines while gathering signals. To acquire the most useful data, examiners should be appropriately prepared in the best in class informational indexes. Staffing 100% qualified work force in vital areas will prompt ideal execution in signals examination; officers ought to furnish the capacity of target excess with various structures to guarantee that assortment prerequisites are met. In conclusion, understanding authorities purpose and the focal point of exertion are basic elements for progress. In spite of the components that lead to progress, there are similarly the same number of disappointments, which should be talked about. Disappointments are the transitory or conceivable lasting obliteration of the capacity of a system to play out its necessary reason. The main disappointment in signal insights is administration. The entirety of the strategies, rules, rules, techniques, course of activities, and laws, make so much formality, that signal examiners can't carry out their responsibilities, which is to gather, process, or break down outside knowledge data. When the expert work through the political junk, the open door for gathering Signal Intelligence may have vanished. Units that attempt to utilize lazy and powerful radars against best in class Electronic Security will give minimal information assuming any; the Electronic Security gives firewalls, secure logins, and offers insurance coming about because of measures that are intended to deny unapproved people access to data. A few radars can utilize aloof following, which implies that there is no objective enlightenment by the following framework. Detached radars are hard to counter and offer little outcomes; when mediation happens, an effective assortme nt opportunity has been denied. Covertness innovation debases signals assortment in light of the fact that the objectives are intended to retain marks and work undetected against known radars. Focus on that change their radar cross segments are, plan assortment disappointments; the geometrical returns are adjusted or redirected into space. Unpracticed examiners that can't break down the signs and figure out what is impedance or changed hardware marks will encourage a postponement in an officers choice. Most Signal Intelligence disappointments are brought about by disappointments of examination, not disappointments of assortment on the grounds that applicable data is limited, confounded, disregarded, dismissed, or neglected in light of the fact that it neglects to fit a predominant mental model or attitude. We will compose a custom exposition on Successes and Failures of Signals Intelligence explicitly for you for just $16.38 $13.9/page Request now Certain correspondences are fundamental to leaders since they remain the best methods for changing over data into compelling dynamic. This is one of the most significant entryways for the United States. In the event that an examiner can give the most ideal data well ahead of time to chiefs, and an essential choice is accomplished, at that point Signal Intelligence is a triumph; on the drawback, if the data isn't gathered, handled, or investigated in an auspicious way, for some explanation, a disappointment has been achieved.

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Addressing the Critiqueâ€Podcast Episode 189

      For many IEW instructors, the advent of May also announces the advent of Unit 9, the Critique. In Podcast Episode 189, Andrew and Julie discuss this unit and how to approach it. Andrew even reveals some helpful tools for students who are learning this model. Unit 9, the final writing unit in the IEW progression, features some familiar elements from earlier units. A five-paragraph model, the three body paragraphs are structured the same as in Unit 3, the Story Sequence Model. The biggest difference is that the Critique also has an introduction and a conclusion, similar to Units 7 and 8. The most challenging element of the Critique is the final paragraph, where the student describes his or her opinion of the work being critiqued. It is here that the student gets to insert his or her thoughts about the book, sharing whether the story is engaging and well-written or whether it is lacking in some way. Because students frequently struggle to find the adequate words to share their thoughts, we encourage teachers to share resources that assist their students in finding the perfect vocabulary. In the podcast Andrew describes where to find one resource that will help students do this. Unit 9 is a challenging unit, but it can also be very rewarding. It provides an opportunity for students to share their thoughts with their audience about what they have read. By helping your students start on their key word outlines and by sharing resources to help them find their words, you will help your students finish their year of IEW feeling successful. That’s a great way to head into the summer months!

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A Doll House by Henrik Ibsen Is a Modern Drama - 1105 Words

A doll house by Henrik Ibsen is a modern drama whose characters fail to understand who they really are. The theme of self-discovery can be viewed throughout the entire play. Noras character plays an important role in self-discovery. She is a dynamic character who proves at the end of the play that she accept and discovers who the true Nora is. The play begins with a direct emphasis on Nora and her husband (Torvald) relationship. One can easily assume that their relationship is based on material things and status. It appears that money is the one thing which is keeping their marriage what is considered to be happy. Throughout the first act Torvald immediately begins referring to his wife with childlike†¦show more content†¦The end of Act III brings Nora to a complete self- discovery. Nora has come to understand herself and the ones around her life. In conclusion, A Doll House is a modern drama which is derived on self- discovery and understanding. Nora had to take a stand and do something on her own in order to realize that she is capable of being independent. Through her actions she was able to discovery that there is more to her life than being a passive and untrue person. Nora was finally able to come to terms and let out her trueShow MoreRelatedRealism in A Dolls House Essay examples1264 Words   |  6 PagesFor Ibsen, the theatre was a place of truth, of brutal analysis; an institution where the minds and souls of man were exposed with an honesty that at times seemed intolerably cruel. Ej blot til Lyst - Not Only for Amusement - Ibsen did not accept compromise nor should one expect compromise from Ibsen. Ibsens plays do not depend for their interest on the action, or on the incidents. Even the characters, faultlessly drawn though they be, are not the first thing in this plays. But the `nakedRead MoreHenrik Ibsen Thesis Paper1049 Words   |  5 PagesIbsen Paper College English Mrs. Wright 2/1/13 Jake Pratt Life presents questions to every person that experiences it. Many of these question will forever remain unanswered. The social and psychological problems and questions that life throws at it attendants are stressed by one of the mid to late 1800 s best problem play authors, Henrik Ibsen. Ibsen spend most of his writing career exploring the human mind. He had a passion for the truth, and due to this he conveyed his thoughts throughRead MoreHerik Ibsen: Father of Modern Drama1459 Words   |  6 Pagesï » ¿Shivany Condor Mrs. Besnard IB English HL2 21 November 2013 Henrik Ibsen as â€Å"The Father of Modern Drama† Henrik Ibsen has long been referred to as the Father of Modern Drama, and such title has rightly been given so. Mr. Ibsen was one of the pioneer theatre dramaturges that began the Modernism Movement, primarily known as the Realism Movement. Modernism/Realism was a revolutionary idea back in Ibsen s time. Many concepts of theater - including plots, dialogue, and characters – were renovatedRead MoreHenrik Ibsen s A Doll House1563 Words   |  7 Pages In the play, A Doll House by Henrik Ibsen, the title itself symbolizes the dependent and degraded role of the wife within traditional marriages. Ibsen portrayed the generous nature root into women by society, as well as the significant action of this nature, and lastly the need for them to find their own voice in a world ruled by men. Ibsen wrote this play in 1879, this is the era where women were obedient to men, tend the children until their husband came home, and stood by the Cult of DomesticityRead MoreNora s Escape From Henrik Ibsen s A Doll s House Essay2552 Words   |  11 PagesSarah Tomlinson Ms Davis Honors Modern Literature 7 October 2016 Nora’s Escape Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s House follows Nora’s struggles to escape the firm grasp of her domineering husband. Throughout the novel, Nora is depicted as obedient to her husband, Torvald, and never dares to stand up to him. Torvald’s condescension and thinly veiled misogyny continuously confines Nora to her strict 19th century gender role. The title of Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s House mirrors Nora’s sense of oppressionRead MoreHenrik Ibsen’s Symbolism in A Doll House695 Words   |  3 PagesA Doll House was written in 1879 by playwright Henrik Ibsen. Ibsen is known as the creator of modern realistic style drama. The play tells the story of a nineteenth century woman who breaks the chains of society that decide her role in life so that she can find herself. The woman, Nora, lives a relaxed and seemingly untroubled life until her husband Torvald Helmer becomes sick. She then must forge her father’s name on a contract that w ould allow her to borrow enough money from a lawyer named NilsRead MoreA Dolls House, Drama Analysis, Realism and Naturalism1235 Words   |  5 PagesA Dolls House, Drama Analysis, Realism and Naturalism Topic B: Character Nora Helmer frolics about in the first act, behaves desperately in the second, and gains a stark sense of reality during the finale of Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s House. Ibsen was one of a few pioneers of the new theatrical movement of realism, and accordingly he is often called the father of modern drama. The character of Nora lives in a dream world, a childlike fantasy, where everything is perfect, and everything makes senseRead MoreTheatrical Realism : Realism And Realism1228 Words   |  5 PagesDOLL’S HOUSE Henrik Ibsen (1828-1906), a norwegian writer, is considered to be the father of modern realistic drama His plays attacked society’s values and dealt with unconventional subjects within the form of the well-made play (causally related) Ibsen’s letters reveal that much of what is contained in his realist dramas is based on events from his own life. A Doll’s House was the second in a series of realist plays by Ibsen after The Pillars of Society (1877) In the play, A Doll s House, the titleRead MoreA Feminist Literary Stance, Roles of Women in Henrik Ibsen’s Play A Doll’s House and George Eliot’s Novel Middlemarch1546 Words   |  7 PagesA feminist literary stance, roles of women in Henrik Ibsen’s play A Doll’s House George Eliot’s novel Middlemarch Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s House and George Eliot’s Middlemarch are based on events from their personal experiences. The events that lead Ibsen to feel the need to write A Doll’s House makes his approach on the feminist stance a bit more unusual from other writers. Ibsen shows his realist style through modern views and tones that are acted out by the characters in this infamousRead MoreMansi Patel. Michael Moir . English Composition 1102. 27Th1296 Words   |  6 PagesMansi Patel Michael Moir English Composition 1102 27th April, 2017 â€Å"A Doll’s House† What shapes us as the person we have move toward becoming? Is it the requirements in life? Could it be more superficial as in the needs that we evoke as human beings? Whatever figures out who an individual is, it is inherently through their ideology. Ideology may be alluded to as beliefs or values that a person or group of people accept (Ideology 659). These beliefs or values develop their perspective towards

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The s Time Off Policy - 1288 Words

Total Rewards Within every organization there is some kind of pay plan or salary rates and plans for which employees fall within what grades. As well as those salary figures, many of the bigger companies have instituted bonus plans or incentives for their employees after a being with the company for a certain amount of time. These are things that are pretty common to us in society today. With that, today throughout this short paper I would like to take a moment to highlight was broad banding is, share the bonus system within the King Company and highlight FMLA versus the King companies leave policies. Then I will discuss King’s time off policy. Finally I will briefly discuss this issues with one of the employee who was mistakenly†¦show more content†¦The company offers a numerous amount of benefits to their employees to include paid health coverage. With everything some people are going to complain. However, despite all of those complaints, some employees do well with King’s benefits package. The company supports retirement savings by matching employee contributions to their 401 (k) accounts at about 50% of the employees contributions up to a maximum contribution of 5 % of the employees’ annual salary. They receive pay when they are on vacation or sick in which any time that is not used can be carried over for a certain amount of years. As if those bonus perks are enough, there have worked to get a tuition reimbursement for work-related college courses. It’s unfortunate that many people within the organization don’t take advantage of these benefits, and it’s even worse because there could be a change to end this in the future. They can already afford as a company to have a low salary rate due to such high amount of benefits they give their employees. It could improve maybe by increasing the leave benefits. When you talk about cutting salary, it has to give somewhere in reference to what you can do for them in result of taking things away. I think the bonus system is not bad at all and I don’t really see it being able to be replaced unless there is an option for the salary to increase. FMLAShow MoreRelatedThe President Of Bartavia s Fiscal Policy With The Intention Of Manipulating Inflation And Unemployment833 Words   |  4 Pages The President of Bartavia wants to enact expansionary fiscal policy with the intention of manipulating inflation and unemployment. Although Bartavia is nearly employing all of its resources in production and extremely close to full employment level, the President is still concerned about the small percentage that is unemployed. Unemployment is the state of a person without a job or a reliable salary or income. Inflation and unemployment are characteristics that are closely monitored to indicateRead MorePaid Time Off (Pto) Policies1726 Words   |  7 PagesTraditional leave systems separate time off into vacation, sick leave, personal leave, and other types of leave. In contrast, paid time off (PTO) banks typically combine all time off benefits into one cumulative bank of days which an employee can draw upon for any need. The delineat ions of such plans vary by employer (Lindemann Miller, 2012). In an organization, employees may receive time off for as compensation benefits. This may include sick leave, personal leave, vacations, holidays, etc. DifferentRead MoreThe Violation Of Verbal Reprimand Essay1730 Words   |  7 Pagesverbal reprimand will be made and retained in the employee s personnel file. Written Reprimand The second step is a written reprimand. This reprimand will describe the unacceptable conduct or performance of the employee and specify needed changes or improvements. A copy of the written reprimand is to be signed and dated by the employee and will be retained in the employee s personnel file. Suspension Suspension of the employee s employment may, at the sole discretion of the Practice, be usedRead MoreThe Reasons Behind Privatisation Of Public Services1217 Words   |  5 Pagessocio-political environment of the UK in the 1970’s. During this period of time, the UK was hit by the post-war crisis, which led the Tories British political party, also known as the Conservative Party, to lose dominance in the parliament. During this time, in the Ridley Report, the Thatcher shadow cabinet started suggesting about the need to break up the public sector and to disjoint unions. Initially, privatisation was subordinate to other policy themes. Nonetheless, during Margaret Thatcher’s governanceRead MoreSocial Media Policies, Concerted Activity, And Hr Management1320 Words   |  6 PagesCase Study: Social Media Policies, Concerted Activity, and HR Management DeVry University â€Æ' Introduction Social media is one of the newest technological advances that have found its way into the foundation of our lives. Part of our lives is how we make a financial living. For some people what we post online can find it s way into our work environment. Sites like LinkedIn have been able to improve business relationships and Facebook advertising has weaved its way into almost every marketing planRead MoreAspects and Elements Related to Working Capital Management1279 Words   |  6 Pagesthe financial manager is overseeing the firm s day to day financial activities. This area of finance known as Working capital management, is concerned with management of the firm s current accounts to achieve his goal which is the balance between profit and risk that maximizes the firm s value by managing each of the firm s current assets (Cash, Marketable securities, Accounts receivables and Inventories) and current liabilities represent the firm s short term financing. ¹ - Net Working Capital:Read MoreHandbook of 1337 Company1557 Words   |  6 PagesIntro 1337 Inc. expects all employees to meet our expectations of appropriate conduct and various specific department policies. However, if and employee fails to meet the performance and/or conduct guide lines of the company, appropriate corrective action will be taken. Corrective action may range from a verbal, written or final warning, up to and including termination of employment. However, termination of employment may be warranted without any warnings. In other words, the disciplinary processRead MorePaid Time Off ( Pto ) Essay1625 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction Paid time off (PTO) is the employer pools sick days, vacation days, and personal days that allows the employees to utilize upon need. this policy pertains mainly in USA as such no legal requirement for minimum number of paid vacation days. the PTO works best in the culture and accountable employee’s environment existing. US companies determine the amount off the pay day off that will be allocated to each employee. In general way PTO system cover, everything from planned vacation toRead MoreThe Doctrine Of The United States1392 Words   |  6 Pages As an outline of U.S. policy, the word originated during a report Kennan submitted to U.S. Defense Secretary James Forrestal in 1947, a report that was later utilized in a article. To describe Western policy toward the country within the Twenties. The word containment is associated most powerfully with the policies of U.S. President Harry S Truman (1945–53).First lets excogitate regarding the most purpose which is that the USA Containment Policy, Containment was a policy to stop the unfold of communismRead More Workplace Observation Essay746 Words   |  3 PagesIn the workplace there are many different aspects of the organization. Some of the aspects or culture of an organization are organizational diversity, dress and language, how communication flows, and organizational policies. Below I will discuss several aspects of the company I work for and define what the different cultures are. How Communication Flows As we know today there are many ways how to communicate. There is email, verbal, Internet, intranet, etc? However, there is only two ways

Cyber security challenges in Smart Cities - Myassignmenthelp.Com

Questions: 1. Evaluate the effectiveness and your usefulness of the learning experience. 2. Explain how this learning process will be useful. 3. Describe objectively what happened in the learning process. Answers: Evaluate the effectiveness and your usefulness of the learning experience From the assignment 1 and 2, I have gained my experience about Challenges in Cyber Security for Business. This learning experience is valuable for me to deal with the cyber security challenges. I have observed that the internet is highly used by both government and a private company for developing the business. It is evaluated that information technology creates a different tool to protect the data in terms of cyber security. This research is valuable for me to act in information technology business. I have also developed my understanding of certain strategies to enhance the cyber security in business. I have also gained my knowledge regarding meaning and concept of cyber security. In this way, it is stated that cyber security is a process, technology, and practice which are used to keep computers, networks, program, and information from unauthorized damages and access (Elmaghraby and Losavio, 2014). From the literature review part, I have pointed that IT security is flat to maintain the deviating and deceptive information through secure techniques and procedures. This learning experience is valuable for me to protect the data. I have also analyzed that security is an essential factor which linked to people and develops the confidence among employees with respect to the internet. This learning experience is effective for me as security is required for a business to accomplish the commercial growth. Explain how this learning process will be useful By the review of the literature of the topic, I realized that for the protection of the data networking procedure, the company can use the implementation of virtualization technologies. I will apply this new knowledge and insight in the future in terms of using cloud computing in the workplace. It is evaluated that virtualization provides several benefits and measures for security threats (Dua and Du, 2016). I will apply this new knowledge to build trust among customers regarding computing system by countering threats. It has been observed that the security is been breached which could create a negative impact on the ICT system of the companies. I will apply this new knowledge in the future to avoid the breaches of security. I have also increased my knowledge about the different challenges of cyber security. It helped me in understanding that the business needs to maintain the timing of the activities, quality of the services and the technologies in order to maintain the security of the cyber security (Scully, 2014). I have also analyzed that a company should implement safe data and communication technology from initiation and all over their existence. It is analyzed that cyber security technology takes a long time to keep the information because of the long derivation of security consistency (Radvanovsky and Brodsky, 2016). I will apply this new knowledge and insights in the future in terms of making strategy. Describe objectively what happened in the learning process I read different articles and books for conducting literature review activities. I have seen different videos to gain my depth understanding about research concern. As a result, it was beneficial for me to meet the research aim and objectives in a specified time period. By reviewing the literature, I concluded that social media is widely used by people which may lead to higher cyber-attacks and threats. Furthermore, it is evaluated that adoption of social media may generate the threat of cyber-attack at the workplace (Cherdantseva, Burnap, Blyth, Eden, Jones, Soulsby, and Stoddart, 2016). At the same time, I have pointed that company should evaluate the policies and process with regards to cyber security for eliminating the risks. I read that invasion of privacy in the ecosystem could direct to create a threat in the workplace. I have also increased my understanding that cyber security should be implemented and ready to use by customers without having technical understanding. From the literature review, I have also increased my understanding of different strategies to improve cyber security in business. In this way, it is evaluated that corporation should use set of standard to manage confidentiality and personal data security issues from starting to design and development of security technologies and services (Kumar, Pandey, and Punia, 2014). It was effective for me to avoid the cyber threat within an organization. Evaluate what you learn It is evaluated that the research assisted me in sharpening my research skills and the knowledge which is used to carry on the processes of the research. I have also learned that interpretivism research philosophy is used for conducting the research as it emphasizes mainly on multiple methods to solve any given research concern. I examined the research processes used in the research and I learned that in the research, mixed method is used in order to assess the challenges of cyber security for the business. In this way, it is evaluated that deductive approach is used to focus on the concepts regarding cyber security for business (Sajid, Abbas, and Saleem, 2016). From the assignment 2, I have learned that there is a different step of qualitative research. These steps are identifying a research problem, review the literature, specifying a purpose, and collecting the data. Other steps are analyzing and interpreting the data, determining the quality of data, and reporting of research (Ch oo, 2014). I have also increased my knowledge about approaches to validity. Explain your learning process There are various activities conducted while conducting the research. In the process, these activities are conducted so that the aims and objectives of the business can be achieved within the given time period. I have also understood about various sampling techniques and how they are used with the research process. In this way, I have learned that convenient sampling technique will be applied to choose IT professionals. The main cause of using data collection method is used to pool the data in a systematic manner by using different sources (Rid and Buchanan, 2015). It was effective for me to gather the data regarding research concern. For taking the interviews of various IT professionals, for the purpose of collecting the data, face to face interviews will be conducted. I have learned that researcher should use different reliable sources like journal, article, books, and websites. I have increased my understanding of the different step of qualitative research. These steps are identif ying a research problem, reviewing the literature, specifying a purpose, collecting the data, analysing and interpreting the data, determining the quality of data, and reporting the research (Karim, and Phoha, 2014). I have also developed my understanding of different approaches to validity. In this way, I have learned that validity defined as the extent to which a concept is properly considered in a quantitative research. For selecting the managers in the IT firm, for the purpose of research, random probability sampling technique will be used. From the assignment 2, I have increased my understanding of data collection methods. I have also learned from the research process that to collect the data from the IT professionals in the Australian firms, questionnaire method should be used. This research was beneficial for me to collect the data effectively. It has been observed that the data in quantitative form will be showcased by using tables and graphs and it will be further analysed by using various statistical tools like regression methods and correlation techniques. The main cause of using this technique is used to comprehend the statistical data in a meaningful manner (Vande Putte, and Verhelst, 2014). I have also learned that two variables will be used in this research report named cyber security and business. Explain Plan how this learning you will apply I have learned about various types of limitations which can hamper the normal course of the research. In this way, I have learned that a researcher have adequate time to conduct the research. As a result, it could restricts to obtain depth assessment about research concern i.e. challenges in cyber security in business. I have also learned how to maintain time schedule in the normal course of the research which could help in scheduling each activity of the research and helps in completing it on time. This could be applied by me in future to complete the research in a specified time period. I have also increased my understanding about Gantt chart, which is used for visual representation of activities and time that will be taken for completing it. This technique could be applied to assess the timing of each activity and helps to understand those activities that will take more time to complete the research (Jing, Vasilakos, Wan, Lu, and Qiu, 2014). As a result, I would be able to become a good project manager in the future which would also help in progressing in my career. References Cherdantseva, Y., Burnap, P., Blyth, A., Eden, P., Jones, K., Soulsby, H., Stoddart, K. 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